Controlling an LED with Python Code

Project Type: Raspberry Pi, Python
Software: None
OS: Raspbian
Kits/Part Source: Raspberry Pi B Starter Kit
Project Source: The Getting Started with Raspberry Pi book by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace.

In this project, I controlled an LED using python instead of Linux command line.

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 10
Everything worked exactly as stated in the instructions.

Tony Stark Rating - 2
The tutorial assumes that you understand how to wire a breadboard and that you know that Python is a type of coding language.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 10
It turns out you don't even need to leave terminal. There's an interactive interpreter already installed you just need to give it root level access.
Then you just need to import the GPIO module, setup pin 25 to be an output and start turning the LED on and off.

Controlling PIN 25/LED with Python through terminal

I recommend this one if you are new to Python and GPIO's.