Setting the Raspberry Pi to read input from a button

Project Type: Raspberry Pi, Electronics
Software: None
OS: Raspian
Kits/Part Source: Raspberry Pi, Jumper Wires, Jumper Wires with Female Head, Momentary Push Button.
Project Source: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Book by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace

In this project I setup the Raspberry Pi to recognize when a button was pushed from a breadboarded circuit.

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 8
I had no problems following the directions but the illustration indicated I needed to setup the LED with pin 25. The project doesn't do anything with the LED.

Tony Stark Rating - 2
Easy but the project assumes you have a basic understanding of breadboarding a circuit.

Momentary Push Button breadboarded to Pin 24 of the Raspberry Pi

Mr. Wizard Rating - 10
The tutorial covered how to:

1. Turn Pin 24 into an input

2. Setup the Pi to read input from the push button. If setup correctly, zero indicates the button is not pushed and 1 Indicates the button is pushed.

Although this is a quick and simple project, this is necessary knowledge for making the Pi work with a breadboarded circuit.