Controlling a Lamp with a Raspberry Pi

Project Type: Raspberry Pi, Electronics
Software: A text editor
OS: Raspian
Kits/Part Source: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi B+ BundlePowerSwitch Tail II and a lamp.
Project Source: Getting Started With Raspberry Pi by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace

This project shows how shell scripts, cron and the PowerSwitch Tail II can be used to control a lamp.

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 8
Step by step was straight forward and simple but there was a lack of pictures.

Tony Stark Rating - 2
The project does call for some basic knowledge on how to breadboard and use terminal.

PowerSwitch Tail II and Raspberry Pi wired into a bread board

Mcguyver Rating - 2
This was a simple use of Cron and the PowerTail but I can see different ways to apply what I learned.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 10
Beside introducing the PowerSwitch Tail peripheral, the tutorial walks the reader through the step on writing a shell script in a text editor then how to run the script through command line argument and through cron.

One shell script to power on the lamp and one to power off the lamp

The tutorial goes on to explain how cron be used to schedule events with the Raspberry Pi.

Cron used to run shell scripts at 3:18PM and 3:19PM