Python Emailer with Beaglebone Black: Failed

Project Type: Beagle Bone, Python
Software: None
OS: Debian
Kits/Part Source: Getting Started with the BeagleBone Black Kit, Magnetic contact switch (door sensor)
Project Source: Getting Started with BeagleBone by Matt Richardson

This project came from chapter 6 of Getting Started with BeagleBone titled Putting Python Projects Online. This project is supposed to read a Magnetic contact switch (door sensor, otherwise known as a reed switch.) and then send an email notification along the lines of the door is open.

Reed Switch door sensor breadboarded to the Beaglebone Black

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 7
The instructions were easy to follow along with but I couldn't get the emailer to work with my Gmail.

It occurs to me that this book was published in October of 2013 and I know that gmail has gone through a few changes since then. The code may be out of date. I'll need to research this as another project.

Tony Stark Rating - 0
No special skills needed.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 8
Although I didn't  get the emailer to work.I was able to play around with the reed switch. I just needed to comment out the emailer line.

Reed Switch code with the emailer lines commented out.


I'd recommend playing around with this tutorial just for the reed switch and python.