Failed: Umbrella Indicator

Project Type: Raspberry Pi, Electronic, Python
Software: Text Editor or Python IDLE
OS: Raspian
Kits/Part Source: Raspberry Pi B Starter Kit
Project Source: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace

This project was supposed to combine the Partial JSON response from the previous project with breadboarded LED to create an LED umbrella indicator but I couldn't make it work.

Simple LED setup with the Raspberry Pi

Simple LED setup with the Raspberry Pi

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 1
I think the popValue line is wrong. I need to do more research but Weather Underground may have changed the way those values are called on. There is not troubleshooting in the book.

Tony Stark Rating - 1
The book does expect the reader to know how to breadboard and LED.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 1
I get the principles, I just can't make it work.