Simple CV

Project Type: Raspberry Pi, Python Coding
Software: Simple CV, Text Editor or Python IDLE
OS: Raspian
Kits/Part Source: Raspberry Pi
Project Source: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace

This project shows the reader the basics on how to display an image using Simple CV which is an open source Computer Vision package.

Image displayed with python and simpleCV

Text overlayed on the image

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 10
The instructions were easy to follow and it worked exactly the way it was supposed to.

Tony Stark Rating - 1
The reader needs to know how to install packages with command-line but the book walks you through the steps. Not a big deal if you are already used to Linux.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 10
This was an easy and fun little Python project. The book goes over what the line of scripts do.