Set/Loop in Python

Today I wrote a set/loop in Python following the instructions found in The Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Book by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace.

Project Type: Coding
Software: IDLE 3
OS: Raspbian
Kits/Part Source: The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Project Source: The Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Book by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace.

Coming from the world of Arduino sketches, I'm used to writing setup/loop form of programs. The instructions from the book showed me how to do this in Python.

1-10 Ratings

IKEA Rating - 10
Everything worked just as the instructions stated.
No information was left out.

Mr. Wizard Rating - 10
Writing setup/loop in Python seems easier than writing it for Arduino (C programming language).
Mostly because of the formatting.
Instead of using {} Curly Braces you just need to use indentation to balance the code.
It also lets you define the Setup and Loop without executing them so that they can be called when wanted.
Basically its like writing in C without the C.

Do I recommend this tutorial?
Yes. Super easy way to learn how C programming language translates into Python.